Women In Engineering 

To celebrate Women in Engineering Day (Saturday 23rd June), we would like to introduce Noga Sella, from Sapphire's engineering team...


G30 Small Jar Xray

The Sapphire G30 series xray Inspection Systems is designed for inspection of short rigid containers such as glass jars and cans. The G30 xray is deployed in the food processing industry for small jars of fruits, jams and canned goods such as fish. This state-of-the-art inspection system exhibits superior performance in identifying contaminants, including metal, stone, glass, bone and certain plastics. The design incorporates dual linear array technology that is unrivalled in the industry for its sensitivity, speed and sophistication.

The G30 dual xray detector technology ensures that even very thin materials are detected in the densest products. The design incorporates both vertically and horizontally oriented xray beams to insure optimal contaminant detection. The G30 xray series of dual beam conveyor inspection systems is designed for simple and efficient operation, with fully adaptive inspection and easy to understand operating procedures. It will guarantee your product quality and integrity, so vital to commercial success and brand reputation.